Don’t you hate filling out “about me” sections? I mean, what do you want to know? I’m in my thirties. Married. We have a cat and two dogs. I am a freelance editor who used to work at a Catholic publishing house. I like to read, bake, quilt, write, be with friends, and dance (even though on our first date I told my now-husband that dancing isn’t my thing). I grew up in Kansas City, but now I live in Minnesota. I drink a lot of tea. I’m unreasonably angered by people who don’t know what to do at four-way stops. My favorite season is autumn, but I also love that first warm day of spring when the earth smells like mud and you know newness is coming. I collect pint glasses, and I’m fairly certain I’ve stolen only four of them. The rest were either purchased or given as gifts.

Yeah. That’s about it.